Federal Leadership Institute

Federal Leadership Institute

Executive and Organizational Coaching

Self-awareness and self-management, relationship building, situational awareness and conscious decision making are not only invaluable life skills, but also critical leadership skills. Our organizational coaching team is comprised of experts in the areas of conflict mentoring, leadership development, change management and organizational analysis and development. We have more than 16 years of experience providing best in class behavioral-based executive coaching, training, facilitation and consulting services to military, government and private sector customers. We offer practical strategies to assess organizational gaps, improve operational processes, enhance personnel skills and accountability, facilitate change, and support our clients’ mission, vision and values.

Workplace Wellness

With high‐quality, neuroscience‐based training in cognitive and emotional self‐regulation, employees in high‐stress occupations can decrease their stress and anxiety and enhance their well-being, resilience, job satisfaction and job performance. We have experience working at all levels of an organization – from top level executives to front line staff – and have found that focused application of the latest affective and cognitive neuroscience research is the quickest path to workplace wellness and success.


FIT Relationships Program

This program is a dynamic, interactive, skills-based relationship education program to teach couples how to effectively communicate with each other and manage conflict and difficult emotions. Experienced relationship educators use a strengths-based approach to help couples appreciate the positive traits in each other and develop strong social networks to assist in strengthening their relationship.

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Fit Fathers Workshops

Through our Fit Fathers program, we are currently administering Fathers Forward  –  a community initiative funded by The US Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration of Children and Families and developed through a partnership between Linden Resources and Granato Group. The program provides educational and employment services to fathers, stepfathers, or father-figures with dependent children up to 24 years of age. The end goal is to increase the father’s economic stability to ultimately strengthen the whole family unit. Program participants go through a series of workshops covering the following topics: responsible parenting, healthy marriage/relationships, communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving skills. In addition to the workshops, participants will work with a workforce specialist, which will help individuals obtain and maintain employment and increase opportunities for career advancement.

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