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Liz Salazar, MS Psy, MSCMHC, NCC

Counselor in Residence

Works with: Children, Families, Parents, Couples, Individuals, Groups
Specializes in: Transitions, Parenting, Step-Parenting, Separation & Divorce, Personal Development, PTSD, Trauma, Grief & Loss, LGBTQAI concerns, Suicidality, Bipolar and Women Issues over the age of 40, Domestic violence and abuse

Liz Salazar is a Resident in Counseling who holds a Master Degree in Psychology and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She specializes in women issues and domestic violence (abuse and survivors) as well as working with individuals who are experiencing relationship challenges, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or substance abuse issues. She utilizes an approach that empowers her client’s strengths in order to achieve their goals. Liz has worked with a wide range of clientele that include women, adolescents, couples, families and abusers. Her sessions are supportive, solution-focused with an emphasis on cognitive-behavioral techniques.

Clinical Approaches: Play Therapy, Mindfulness, DBT, CBT, Psychodynamic, Solution Focused
Degree: M.S., Walden University